The story of the blind man at the pool of Siloam is well-known to readers of John’s Gospel. This is an audio recording of a guided mediation that I wrote for the book Encounters with Jesus. I’ve done this recording so that people can undertake the meditation by themselves, or use it with a group.

The story is in John 9:1-41. The meditation is based on the healing itself, and deals imaginatively with what happens after the man is healed.

Read John 9:1-11 before the meditation.

DOWNLOAD mp3 file. (8.5mb)

The recording goes for 8 mins 50 secs. Please listen to it before you use it with a group. You can of course pause it along the way, but you need some idea of where the meditation pauses.

Afterwards, invite people to reflect individually on what images, feelings, thoughts, sounds, stood out for them in the meditation. Invite them to write down these reflections. Then ask them to share this in pairs.

The text of the meditation is published in my book Deeper Water available from Mediacom. This includes some questions and a process for reflection and discussion following the meditation.