Ambient Music

I use various forms of ambient music A LOT in worship, learning events, retreats and other gatherings. Here’s something of a guide to the stuff that I like and have used over the years. I’d love to hear your recommendations. Once upon a time I would put hyperlinks to all of these, but nowadays people access their music through different services, so it doesn’t make much sense. However I recommend purchsasing rather than streaming music so that the artist gets a decent payment, and also first seeing if they are on bandcamp. If they are, I’ll put a link to them here, however not all artists sell their whole catalogue through bandcamp.

Note: some of this music falls more into the category of ‘quite instrumental music’ but is still worthy of inclusion, as they can make wonderful soundtracks for worship. In some cases there are standout ambient tracks on such albums as well. There’s quite a bit more edgy and discordant stuff that I haven’t included here, including film soundtracks. Check out Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross‘ work.

Artist and Albums

All India Radio
– The Aether
– Film Musik
– Piano and Ambience
– Sleep
– These Winter Dreams
– REALM (with Josh Roydhouse

Olafur Arnalds
– … and they have escaped the weight of darkness…
– For Now I am Winter
– Living Room Songs
– Found Songs
– Eulogy for Evolution

Eraldo Bernocchi and Harold Budd
– Music for “Fragments from the Inside”
Winter Garden (with Robin Guthrie)

– The Journey

Harold Budd
– Budd Box

– Untrue (ambient dubstep…)

Rufus Cappadocia
– Songs for Cello (not ambient as such but stunning)

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis
– White Lunar

Philip Clemo
– Ambiguous Dialogues

The Dolby System
(individual tracks)
Aleph at the Gate
Sinking the Centaur
Night Train to Sydney
Forest Steeples

Brian Eno (the godfather of ambient music)
– Ambient 1: Music for Airports
– Lux (my #1 ‘go to’ ambient album)

Brian Eno and Harold Budd
– The Pearl
– Ambient 2: The Plateau of Mirror

– Les Ondes Silencieuses

– Tripper

John Foxx
– The Complete Cahtedral Oceans

John Foxx & Harold Budd
Nighthawks, Translucence and Drift Music

Nils Frahm
– Music for Animals
– Empty
– Wintermusik
– Solo
– Spaces
– All Melody
– Graz

– Corduroy Road
– The Malady of Elegance
– The Time It Takes

– Pan Tone
– The Prepared Piano
– I Close My Eyes

Tim Hecker
– Dropped Pianos
– Harmony in Ultraviolet

– Eingya

Dennis Hendricksen
– Very Nearly a Whisper

Hilmar Orn Hilmarrson & Sigur Ros
Angels of the Universe

Jon Hopkins
– Opalescent
– Music for Psychedelic Therapy

Jonsi and Alex
Riceboy Sleeps

Thomas Koner
– Novaya Zemlya
– Nuuk
– Permafrost
– Teimo

– fixed:content

David MacGregor
Mostly Ambient

Brian McBride
The Effective Discontent

– Ambient
– Ambient 23
– Live Ambients Improvise Recordings Vol 1

Duane Pitre
– Feel Free

Max Richter
– The Leftovers (soundtrack)

– For Nihon