Imago Vita or Pictures of Life is a set of 86 A5 photos produced on behalf of eLM: equipping leadership for mission for the Uniting Church, VicTas Synod. The varied images are chosen for use in a range of group activities, from community-building, to reflecting on memories, taken by exploring current issues, and envisioning the future. The set is accompanied by activity suggestions for leaders.

The photographs were taken by myself, Peter Batten and Hoon You – all three of us are Presbtery eLM ministers in the synod. I wrote the activity guide and the layout was done by eLM. The resources are free to download and copy but may not be sold without permission. The photos remain the property of the photographers.


DOWNLOAD Activity Guide (1mb PDF)

We recommend getting the file printed at somewhere like Officeworks and then laminating the cards.