This interactive session focuses
 on the educational dimensions of preparing youth and adults for baptism and confirmation: our aims and understandings, a variety of approaches, mentors and companions, plus a range of print and multimedia resources including a preview of new UCA materials.

This is a 2-3 hour workshop exploring how we prepare young people and adults for baptism and confirmation.

The session includes

  • an historical overview of baptism and the catechumenate (ministers say “Why didn’t we learn this in College?)
  • five lenses on baptism and confirmation – evangelical, educational, ecclesial, liturgical, formational
  • six critical decisions in planning for baptism and conformation – readiness, substance, process, participation, duration, formation
  • case study examples of preparation and resources
  • a survey of available resources
  • conversation and planning

Here’s a sample flyer.

Diving_Deep_Flyer Download 120kb PDF

Here are some PDF resources related to the workshop:

Click here to see the Our Faith materials produced by me for the UCA Assembly.