Here is a six session group series with video and discussion guide exploring Christian beliefs from the perspective of the Uniting Church in  Australia. The session themes focus on core Christian beliefs. The series is designed for people preparing for adult baptism or confirmation, for Christians who are new to the Uniting Church, as as a plain exploration of beliefs for church attenders. However it is not a kind of Alpha program for enquirers.

DOWNLOAD Discussion Guide Web Version (5.5mb)

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DOWNLOAD Photo Cards A5 (36mb PDF) – this set of images is larger than those in the above files – two per A4 page instead of four.

Session themes
1. Believing in God
2. Believing in Jesus Christ
3. Believing in the Holy Spirit
4. Receiving the Scriptures
5. Living as God’s Church
5. Serving God’s Mission

Video Series
Each video is 7-8 minutes in duration. The series was produced for the Uniting Church’s national Assembly and features a range of leaders speaking about belief and living as Christians.

The series includes Dr Deidre Palmer, Rev Dave Williamson, Rev Eseta Waqabaca-Meneilly, Rev Dr Geoff Thompson, Rev Steph Tai, Rev Dr Tim Hein, Rev Dr Dongwon Goh, Rev Stu Cameron, Rev Dr Monica Melanchthon, Rev Dr Andrew Dutney, Rev Alistair Macrae and Rev Dr Amelia Koh-Butler.

The video series is here.

Discussion Guide
The discussion guide consists of six 75-90 minute group sessions. There is a range of activities that leader may choose from in planning each session. The sessions include suggested action and journal activities to follow each session. I recommend involving local mentors in the process.

Our Story: The Uniting Church in Australia
The first series of six videos produced for the Uniting Church’s National Assembly, Our Story can be viewed and downloaded here.