Palm Sunday

We hope for a leader to make our world right
more than a six o’clock news sound bite
of wisdom, not slogans
of hope, not hollow
integrity, not inconsistency
just humanity, not hubris
This humble rider
seems no firm decider
no simple spin
no solid plan
not success-made
no victory parade
one who comes early
to his own requiem

Holy Week

There are times
when the story of our lives
takes an unexpected turn
a new chapter throws us off-balance
a turn of events leaves us
stumbling, bewildered
frightened, speechless
an unexpected loss
a close relationship shattered
a bitter reality revealed
an undeserved fall from grace

Emmaus Eucharist

Easter is not an event that has occurred
it’s an adventure that has begun
not a place that we have visited
but a path on which we stand
A story not complete, but unfolding
characters still breathing
stations still teeming
with the promise of new life
not just for you and me
but for all people, in all places
a cosmic crux – a turning point of time
Easter is the season of wild hope
of dangerous intent
of potent promise

Excerpts from Deeper Water, 2020.
Available from Mediacom Education.

My book Deeper Water contains a number of resources for Holy Week and Easter. There are several narrative reflections on the Holy Week events, a guided meditation based on John 21 “Do You Love Me?”, an Emmaus communion liturgy, a couple of short dramas, and several songs that may be suitable for this time – We Walk On, There is a Thin Place, This is Our Story, and Wash Over Me.

You can also find intergenerational ideas from Rosefield UC’s Interactive Easter on my old blog Mountain Masala here and here.