Here is a table
a conversation with friends
a connection of hearts
a communion of spirit

Here is a meal
a morsel of peace
an entré of justice
a hunger for heaven

Here is a promise
firing our hope
filling our faith
focusing our vision

Here we gather
open table
open hands
open hearts
with a fervent thirst
a craving hunger
a restless yearning
for God’s new community to embrace
for God’s new creation to emerge
for heaven and earth to be one

Here we stand
not waiting to be called
for we have already been sent
not waiting to be filled
for we have already been empowered
yet in anticipation
of all that is to come
on the journey
and in the homecoming

God of gathering and sending,
Your Word from beginning to end is goodness
in Creation, in Christ, in the Comforter
May we embody your good news for all

[This may be used in acts of worship with acknowledgement.]