Holy Week 2022
God, you are too human
for you break in our choking grasp
and yet we are but dust in your hands
God, you are too weak
Could you not stay alive one more hour?
And yet it is we who slumber when you call
God, you are too simple
Could you not mount a proper defense?
And yet it is we who cry “I don’t know him”
God, you are too humble
Could you not show yourself to power?
And yet it is we whose capitulation reveals all
God, you are too close
in compassion, raw truthfulness, in suffering
And so it is we who flee, hiding our faces
God, you are too broken
in bread and body, in cup overflowing with blood
And yet it is we who need to be filled, healed
God have mercy
For we do not know what we do
[This prayer may be freely used for worship with acknowledgement.]