Port Phillip East Presbytery started an online series of seminars on blended or hybrid faith formation during the COVID months. Many churches were diving into online worship, with mixed results. However we’ve been living in a digital world for quite some time. US educator John Roberto speaks of a 24/7 faith-forming ecosystem. Communication technologies are part of this landscape. More seminars to come in 2022.

Discipleship in a Digital Age with Dr Bex Lewis

An introduction to thinking about the place of digital communication in people’s lives and some questions about how the church engages with this technology. We are so grateful to have had this time with the wonderful Bex before her passing due to cancer.

Digital Storytelling with Dr Mary Hess (US)

Mary explored the power of storytelling in faith formation, and then introduced some ways of thinking about introducing storytelling through digital media. Theory and practice in accessible form.

Sacred Places, Digital Spaces with Rev Sandy Brodine and Mark Berry (UK)

A conversation with thoughtful practitioners about cultivating spiritual practices online and face-to-face. Cultivating online community within and beyond the church, and in forming new faith communities.

Playing with Faith Formation: Digital Experiments in COVID-19 with Rev Dr Steve Taylor

Steve Taylor explores ways in which people have experimented in the digital realm during COVID and talks about ministry as play. He demonstrates some simple online learning approaches approaches and invites thoughtful reflection about being together online.

Digital Tools for Faith Formation with Rev Amanda Nicholas

An overview of planning methods and tools for online faith formation activities. Thinking about the importance of planning well. Opening up the prospect of collaboration to produce and curate online resources.

Online Communities with Rev Will Nicholas, Pastor Kelly Skilton and myself

An introduction to some online platforms for meeting, conversation and learning – SpatialChat, QiqoChat, Wonder, Twitch and Discord – and a discussion about online communities in theory and practice.