The stunning guitar instrumental album “Reverie” by the impossibly talented Rob Timbs is now available for free on the “Songs of Faith and Hope and Love” website. It’s been made to sound even better by the original engineer Chris Adams – who does this as a wonderful act of service and devotion in memory of a remarkable person. Just marvel at the sound of the Martin D-45.
With Maxine’s permission, I used tracks from this album as the soundtrack for the “Our Faith” video series that I produced for the Uniting Church in Australia. Rob was his own harshest critic, and this is the sound of one guy playing one guitar. It is marvellous in its creativity and rawness.
His extraordinary songwriting ability was as diverse as his own musical tastes. Once again thanks to Mal Graetz for this website project which is such a gift. You’ll also find the new addition of the Family album “The Word Becomes Music” on the site.
We still miss you Timbsy.